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Superbly balanced

Harmonised design combined with a high level of functionality such as excellent sound insulation and very good thermal insulation values fully satisfy the latest requirements of the Energy Saving Regulation and the values required for entitlement to KfW financial support (German Reconstruction Loan Corporation).  Using the state-of-the-art 6-chamber technology and a profile depth of 76 mm you can benefit from great energy savings and substantially reduce heating costs. 

This quality product is available with the same high-quality internal workings in the four different design variants and a wide range of colours, and also with aluminium cappings. Matching front doors and lift and sliding doors are also available for the Prestige system.

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Technical specifiactions

  • 76 mm system, 6 chambers
  • Insulation value of entire window U​w  up to 0.66 W/m2K
  • 4 different sash designs available
  • Accommodates glazing thickness of up to 44 mm for thermal and acoustic insulation and up to 56 mm with the new system Prestige classic, semi-offset
  • Also with Thermo Profile made from recycled material for enhanced thermal insulation
  • Frame insulation value: Uf = 1.0 W/m2K with thermal reinforcement; Uf = 1.1 W/m2K with centre seal; Uf = 1.2 W/m2K with rebate seal
  • Curves and 20° bevels ensure a good water run-off and harmonic design
  • Inner 2-foot glass bead for enhanced burglary protection
  • Glass rebate height of 25 mm for avoidance of condensation water
  • Three framed weldable TPE seals with centre sealing system, two with rebate seal system
  • RAL-certified overlap bonding for floor-to-ceiling elements of up to 2.60 m
  • Use of adhesive tape for dry adhesion with the new multifunctional sash
  • Soundproofing up to 47 dB (noise protection class 5)
  • 40 different laminated foil colours
  • Prestige classic offset, also available with aluminium cladding – unlimited choice of colours
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40 colours and decors

Prestige windows can be tailored on a completely individual basis to meet your requirements and personal taste. You have a choice of 40 plain colours, wood decors and laminations with a pearl texture or an aluminium look. Optional aluminium cappings open up an unlimited choice of colours. Colour-coordinated window profiles in anthracite or brown guarantee a harmonious appearance even when the window is open.

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40 colours and decors

Very good insulation values for state-of-the-art building requirements

The choice of windows can have a decisive influence – on both your heating bill and climate protection. With Prestige, you can be sure of a positive influence on both. With its impressive thermal values and a mounting depth of 76 mm, Prestige offers you an ecological and long-term solution to suit exacting requirements.
Heating costs can be reduced by up to 40% when comparing single glazing and Deceuninck windows with high-quality insulation glazing.

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Very good insulation values for state-of-the-art building requirements

Reference /

Hotel ›fürstenfelder‹

Architect: werkraum architekten
Location: 82256 Fürstenfeldbruck
Product: Prestige
Colour: Architecture Colors / Graphite Black (Dec. 921)

Harmonious architecture and a modern appeal

Understated elegance combined with precious materials: This is the look of the 4 star hotel >fürstenfelder<. The windows with their shimmering appearance and fine surface structure blend in superbly with the stylish architecture of the building complex. Here the grey coloured-through profile bodies are in excellent harmony with the colour Titanium Plus Graphite Black from our >Architecture Colors<.

Reference /

Apartment house in Passive House Standard

Architect: Lindener Baukontor
Location: 30449 Hannover
Product: Prestige
Colour: White

Factor 10 House Refurbishment

A building from the nineteen fifties has been turned into a modern apartment house that, besides featuring an outstanding architectural design, also stands out in terms of comfort and energy efficiency. All residential units have been created in a barrier-free design and the building has been additionally fitted with balconies and lift. The passive house standard of the windows meets today’s living requirements.

Reference /

Adentes medical centre

Architect: Roebrock Generalplaner GmbH
Location: 53757 St. Augustin bei Bonn
Product: Prestige
Colour: Architecture Colors / White Aluminium (Dec. 908)

Expansive windows for contemporary architecture

The concept of the medical centre has its main focus on people and wants to create a light and friendly, feel-good atmosphere for patients by using wide expansive windows. The elegant look is enhanced by the shimmering look of the high quality laminated foil “Architecture Colors" in White Aluminium. The good soundproofing required by the team of doctors was not a problem using Deceuninck profiles.

Deceuninck colour system /

Individual colours to suit all tastes

Coloured windows create a design effect and have a considerable influence on the visual appearance of the façade. 
With a wide choice of decors, Deceuninck offers almost unlimited design possibilities. This enables new buildings and renovation projects alike to be designed completely individually, breathing new life into the façade.

Our window colours are grouped into architectural styles to give you a simple choice of colours to suit your own personal preferences exactly .

Trend Colors

Subdued and stylish grey tones feature an elegant pearl structure, awarding a sophisticated emphasis to the architectural design.

Architecture Colors

Aluminium and metal looks of the premium colours Titanium Plus accentuate the modern character of both private homes and commercial buildings.

Classic Colors

Our best-selling colour decors can be universally used for private and commercial building architecture, and match new buildings and renovation projects.

Timeless Colors

Delicate wood grain finishes in combination with timeless colour nuances award the façade a special flair.

Traditional Colors

Warm wood decors for a natural look in fine and distinctive wood grains which blend perfectly into both traditional and modern building styles.

Colour Configurator

You can use our Colour Configurator to redesign your façade with just a few clicks. Simply upload a photo of your building and give it a try!



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