Window types

With Deceuninck PVC profiles it’s possible to have many different types of windows that open in different ways. Almost all window types are possible, from classic tilt-and-turn windows to various sliding systems for terrace doors to special applications, such as waterproof basement windows. However, a distinction must be made between opening type and window type. Window type refers to the fundamental properties and areas of application of a window type. Opening type refers to various opening mechanisms that are dependent on the respective window fitting. A sliding window can, for example, be produced with several opening options. For a more precise differentiation, different opening types are described below with a list of the most important window types.

Opening mechanisms for common window types

The following infographics contain an overview of possible opening options for the different window types and window profile systems from Deceuninck. 

Explanation: The point of the triangle shows where the window opens. The baseline represents the axis of rotation. In the case of sliding elements, the arrow shows the direction in which the window elements can be pushed open.

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