About us

At Deceuninck, we develop innovative solutions for sustainable homes with a low carbon footprint. To do this, we use well-engineered PVC profile systems and the patented wood-PVC composite Twinson – for windows and doors, terraces, and façade and roof cladding. Creating ageless, beautiful products that already meet future demands with regard to visual appearance, performance and ecobalance – that is our claim.

About Deceuninck

The Deceuninck Group is one of the top 2 manufacturers of PVC window systems and building products and is active in 91 countries. 3,700 people work full-time for the company.

Our Mission

At Deceuninck, we believe in building sustainable homes and are dedicated to innovation, ecology and design. We are perceived as an innovator on the market and we will strive to fulfil this commitmen

Deceuninck Germany

In 1956, the company founders, the Anger brothers, began a revolution in the PVC industry with their visionary ideas at the company's current site in Bogen (Lower Bavaria).

Our Values

At Deceuninck we accept responsibility for our people, for our environment and for ourselves. In doing so, our core values are candour, top performance and entrepreneurship