Roof claddings for roof overhangs, roof eaves and roof ends

Roof claddings made of PVC or the patented Twinson wood-PVC composite impress by virtue of their versatility and durability. A variety of profiles, colours and profile lengths mean that free design is possible in almost all applications. This gives bargeboards, overhangs and roof soffits an attractive look and long-lasting protection against the weather and UV radiation.

Angle profiles and flat cladding profiles made from PVC

The multifunctional cladding profiles made from hard foam PVC, coated with hard PVC guarantee a stylish roof design.

PVC eaves claddings

The hard PVC cavity profiles are primarily suitable for cladding hard-to-reach parts of roofs and walls.

Twinson roof eaves

Twinson wood-PVC composite cladding profiles combine a natural wood grain look with the low maintenance and durability of PVC.

Roof and wall claddings made of PVC / Durable, easy to maintain, attractive

The advantages of roof and wall claddings made of plastic are their wide range of applications and their durability. In outdoor areas the hollow section profiles made of high-quality PVC are particularly suitable for cladding hard-to-get-at places on roofs and walls. With a wide range of different profiles, colours and profile lengths, free design is possible in virtually all applications. Barge boards, eaves and soffits are given an attractive look, with lasting protection against the elements and ultraviolet rays. With PVC wall cladding profiles, painting is a thing of the past. Even without care, the external appearance of the facade will continue to look as new.

Wall cladding profiles in a system / For all roof and wall designs

The PVC roof and wall cladding profiles are suitable for both new builds and renovation projects. The wide product range, with accessories for corners, joints, edges, soffits and transitions, is flexible enough to suit any design. Ventilation profiles to protect the fabric of the building are also available. 
Modern manufacturing processes and a long service life contribute to the fact that PVC is now an extremely resource-efficient material with a wide range of potential applications –  and it is 100% recyclable. When it comes to design and construction too, there is no need to compromise, which is good news for builders, planners and fitters.

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