Cladding roof overhang with PVC cavity profiles

Outdoors, the high-quality PVC cavity profiles are primarily suitable for cladding roof overhangs and hard-to-reach parts of roofs and walls. Installation is uncomplicated. Maintenance is also undemanding, since tiresome painting is not necessary. And last but not least, the PVC roof cladding profiles are the ideal supplement for Deceuninck window and door systems.

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Technical specifications

  • High-quality PVC product (hard PVC, free of plasticisers, light-resistant and weatherproof)
  • Low maintenance – no painting requires
  • Gap-free
  • Fastening clip for invisible mounting using clips
  • A complete system consisting of end profiles, accessories, incl. ventilation possibilities
  • Available in various sizes and shapes,
  • Widths: 100 – 250 mm, length: 6 m (P 180 and P 130 also available in 3 m length)
  • The system is compatible with low-energy buildings and wood buildings
  • Simple to work with using the usual tools
  • Available fully coloured and with film lamination
Technical specifications

Large colour pallet for stylish gable cladding

The cladding profiles are available both fully coloured and with film lamination.
With film lamination, the profiles are coated with a UV-resistant and dirt-repelling acrylic film.
Look at colour pallet

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roof cladding profiles

PVC roof cladding profiles

PVC cladding profiles are the ideal protection for soffits and eaves. Our attractive solutions are available in many colours, and the wide range of accessories makes them perfectly suitable for any building.


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