Window subsidies

Energy savings with innovative window technology

The application of innovative window technology to increase energy efficiency in buildings is becoming increasingly relevant – for good reason: Windows are responsible for up to 25 percent of heat loss in single-family homes.

Windows do something more than serve as connecting elements between indoor and outdoor areas. They also play a key role in the heat budget, comfort and eco-balance of your buildings. When you use innovative window technologies, you will reduce your energy consumption and operating costs, increase comfort and make an active contribution to climate protection.

Windows are critically important in terms of thermal insulation and reduced energy losses. The replacement of 15-year-old windows can reduce heat losses by more than 40 percent.
You can use our energy-saving calculator to quickly and easily determine how much money and CO2 you can save in future years.

You will find the calculator here.


Subsidy programmes for window replacement

Germany offers a range of subsidy programmes that you can use to save significant amounts money and energy. These programmes include financial support for energy-related modernisation projects, new buildings and individual steps like window replacement. Are you thinking about buying new windows or replacing your old windows? If so, you definitely should keep these subsidy programmes in mind: 

Federal Subsidies for Efficient Buildings (FSEB):

In 2021, the German government’s subsidy programmes, including those of Germany’s Reconstruction Loan Corporation (or KfW in German), were placed under the umbrella of the FSEB. The subsidy requirement is energy-related renovation projects. You are eligible for up to €12,000. But the amount for which you qualify may not exceed 20 percent of the costs applicable for subsidies. If you are interested in obtaining a loan, the German Office of Economics and Export Control can provide you with up to €60,000 under this subsidy programmes. The repayment subsidy is included.

KfW subsidy:

The KfW (Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau bietet attraktive Förderprogramme für energetische provides attractive subsidy programmes for energy-related renovation projects. The KfW offers the financial support for projects in which an entire house is converted into an efficiency house. You are eligible to receive up to €75,000. But the amount for which you qualify may not exceed 50 percent of the costs applicable for subsidies (max. €150,000). Or a loan is offered for the completion of an individual step. You can receive up to €60,000, including a 20 percent loan-repayment subsidy (max. €12,000).

Subsidy programmes offered by Germany’s states:

Many of Germany’s states offer their own support programmes that complement the federal government’s subsidies. The specific subsidy programmes and the terms that apply to them may differ from state to state. You can contact state authorities, energy agencies and local officials to obtain more information about regional subsidies for windows.

Costs for energy consultation

If the use of subsidy funding is part of your calculation, then you should also include the costs for energy consultation in your work. You can assume that the costs for the assistance and advice provided by a certified energy consultant will easily total several hundred euros. You will be unable to get around these costs because the use of an energy consultant is one of the requirements to receive subsidies from the German Office of Economics and Export Control. But these costs are also eligible for subsidies – you can receive up to 50 percent of the costs under the Federal Subsidies for Efficient Buildings offered by the office. 

Costs for energy consultation

What requirements must be fulfilled to qualify for the subsidy programmes?

Your new windows must meet minimum technical requirements to qualify for support. Such requirements include important heat transfer coefficients or the U value, which identifies the amount of room heat that escapes through a window. The lower the level, the better the thermal insulation.
Under the German Building Energy Act, the level for new windows should not exceed 1.3 W/(m²k). Roof windows may have a U value of 1.4 W/(m²k). The KfW and the Office of Economics and Export Control apply even tougher requirements: If you want to receive a subsidy, your windows may have a U value of just 0.95 W/m²K. The limit for roof windows is 1.0 W/m²K.

Subsidy assistant of the Window and Façade Association

The association’s subsidy assistant provides detailed and up-the-minute information regarding subsidy programmes for which your individual construction project may qualify:

Click here to access the association’s subsidy assistant

Tax breaks for energy-related renovation projects

In Germany, you may deduct the costs of energy-related renovation projects, including window replacement, from your taxes. You may deduct the costs of both material and labour.

The following tax breaks are offered:

  • In the year during which the energy-related work is carried out: 7% of expenditures (max. €14,000)
  • In the following year: 7% of expenditures (max. €14,000)
  • In the third year: 6% of expenditures (max. €12,000)

Overall, you may receive a refund of 20%, but only a maximum of €40,000 within a period of three years. You can submit your application with your annual tax return. An application for subsidies and confirmation from the government authority providing them are not required.

You should discuss the specific tax rules with a tax consultant or the responsible tax authority.

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