Cellar windows

When building a house with a cellar you have to decide on the right cellar windows to choose. This is because today’s requirements for energy-efficiency and thermal insulation permit use of the cellar as an extended living area, at minimum extra expense. Cellar rooms can be easily converted into an office, guest room or hobby room, without having to sacrifice any level of comfort!

When choosing the right cellar window you should observe the following:

  • Cellar windows must meet the respective energy saving regulation in force
  • Always observe classifications eligible for support (KfW).
  • Pay particular attention to watertightness, depending on the design and location.
  • The windows should not be too small as otherwise the extended living area will be dark and unpleasant to be in.
  • Always observe the safety standards to ensure efficient burglary protection, depending on the location and the respective requirements.
  • You can order watertight cellar windows made of Inoutic profiles under www.alpinafenster.de

Extending the living area with the right cellar windows

Cellars used to be a place for technical building equipment and general storage purposes. It was a restricted and dark area, unsuitable for living. Cellars were seldom heated. There was no provided insulation. That is why cellar windows were always considered of secondary, minor importance.

Due to more and more stringent requirements on energy efficiency and thermal insulation stipulated in the Energy Saving Regulation a well-insulated cellar is now the standard. Cellar rooms have therefore undergone an automatic upgrade. As a result of this development, the cellar is now designed more and more as a useful area and as an extended living area. To this end, the corresponding guidelines of the Energy Saving Regulation and the eligibility for support through the KfW-Bank should be observed.

Cellar windows made of Inoutic profile systems offer a host of advantages

  • Attractive design to suit your individual style
  • Highest processing quality 
  • Wide selection of colours and decors 
  • Inoutic window systems meet the values for the Energy Saving Regulation EnEV 2014
  • Burglary protection included in resistance class WK 1 and WK 2

Burglary protection is of particular importance in cellar windows and should not be neglected. Burglary resistance classes WK 1 and WK 2 withstand approx. 85 % of all burglary attempts.

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