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KfW: Attractive financial support programmes for new buildings, refurbishment and modernisation schemes

In April 2009 the KfW-Bank reorganised its promotional programme in the construction sector. The programmes now also have new names, for instance. The previous support programme “KfW-40” is now called the “KfW Efficiency House 55”. Raising the number wrongly suggests an easing of restrictions. With the introduction of the term Efficiency House, however the number that follows after the name had a new reference value. In the KfW 40 programme the primary energy requirement was not to exceed 40 kWh per m2. For the support programme KfW Efficiency House 55 the primary energy consumption and the transmission heat loss are to be max. 55 % of the level permitted in the Energy Saving Regulation. The requirements are therefore de facto about the same. However, just a few months later, on October 1, 2009, the new EnEV 2009 came into force with substantially more stringent requirements. The promotional programme therefore had to be readjusted and extended accordingly. There were further updates on 01 July 2010 und 01 March 2011.

Key data

  • Financial support programmes for new buildings: KfW Efficiency House 70, KfW Efficiency House 55/Passive House, KfW Efficiency House 40
  • Financial support programmes for existing buildings: KfW Efficiency House 115, 100, 85, 70, 55
  • Since 1.5.2010 an application can be filed for a grant of 5 % or max. 2,500 € for investments of at least 6,000 €.
  • Since 01.03.2011 individual measures and free individual measure combinations are again eligible for support.
  • Craftsman services are tax deductible (only working costs up to 6,000 €)

KfW support for new buildings

The KfW Bank supports energy efficient building with its support programmes KfW-Efficiency House 70, 55/Passive House and 40. Financial support can be applied for by private persons, housing associations, municipalities, counties and such through the local bank. Low-interest loans are available for up to 100 % of the construction costs. The maximum amount granted for residential projects is 50,000 €. In addition to this, up to 5,000 € redemption subsidies are also available.

KfW support for existing buildings

Private persons, housing associations, municipalities, counties and such can apply for low interest loans for buildings at their local bank and also for individual measures and combinations of individual measures directly at the KfW Bank. The building to be refurbished must have been granted building permission by the responsible building authority before 01.01.1995. For refurbishment projects the promotion categories KfW Efficiency House 115, 100, 85, 70, 55 as well as the individual measures from the KfW programme 152 and grants from the KfW programme 430 can be applied for. Property owners can choose from a number of options for the refurbishment. You can find more detailed information under www.kfw.de.

KfW support for living area modernisation schemes

For modernisation measures there are basically two available variants:

  • Standard modernisation measures such as repair jobs and renewal jobs (max. support granted 100,000 €)
  • Conversion projects for adaptation to senior citizens and/or barrier-free living (max. support granted 50,000 €)

Applications for support can be filed through the respective local bank by private persons and also tenants (lessor must give consent), housing associations, municipalities, counties and such prior to commencement of the building project.
You can find further information on KFW support programmes under:


All window systems from Deceuninck are fully eligible for KfW supported construction work based on their high level of energy efficiency and their future-proof technology! 

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