Lift and sliding doors

For particularly large terrace doors the lift and sliding doors are the design to choose as these can be opened easily and most conveniently. 
Lift and sliding doors have no tilt function – the window elements are opened via rails recessed into the floor to allow a barrier-free transition. Very little force needs to be applied to push the movable sash elements into the horizontal position.

Apart from a high resistance to wind and watertightness Deceuninck lift and sliding doors set standards with regard to thermal insulation boasting a Uf-value of 1.3 W/m²K. They also guarantee high stability based on a continuous steel reinforcement in the frame and sash. 

The Deceuninck lift and sliding door goes with all Deceuninck window systems. 

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Technical specifications

  • Excellent frame insulation value Uf = 1.3 W/m²K
  • 5-chamber technology
  • High resistance to wind and watertightness
  • High level of stability due to continuous steel reinforcement in frame and sash
  • Easy to operate, minimum effort, optional motorised remote control
  • Accommodation of glazing thickness of up to 52 mm for soundproofing (SSK 4) although the system is relatively slim at only 76 mm.
  • Increased burglary protection (additional steel reinforcement, 2-foot glass bead) Security Level WK2
  • Very good protection against corrosion and moisture
  • Threshold for new buildings made of PVC, aluminium threshold for old buildings
  • Low threshold height (fits the needs of persons with disabilities  < 20 mm in new buildings)
  • Floor-to-ceiling elements possible up to a height of 2.60 m
  • Available in all 40 colours and with aluminium cladding
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Technical specifications

Comfort and easy access guaranteed!

Deceuninck lift and sliding doors provide maximum comfort, safety and protection against the weather. Even large elements can be opened with very little force. Our lift and sliding door technology can also be supplemented with optional motorisation and remote control.

The lift and sliding doors can be used in both old building renovations and new buildings. Specially developed extremely flat thresholds with a low overall height are also available for creating barrier-free solutions.

Comfort and easy access guaranteed!

A modern lift and sliding door look for even better visibility

The extra-narrow frame with a cross section of just 45 mm lets even more light into your living space for modern, well-lit living. You can choose from 40 different colours and decors: laminated wood, a metal look or fashionable grey tones. The door also looks great when open, because Deceuninck door profiles are available not just in white but also in matching brown or anthracite.

A modern lift and sliding door look for even better visibility

Deceuninck colour system /

Individual colours to suit all tastes

Coloured windows and terrace doors create a design effect and have a considerable influence on the visual appearance of the façade. 
With a wide choice of decors, Deceuninck offers almost unlimited design possibilities. This enables new buildings and renovation projects alike to be designed completely individually, breathing new life into the façade.

Our window colours are grouped into architectural styles to give you a simple choice of colours to suit your own personal preferences exactly .

Trend Colors

Subdued and stylish grey tones feature an elegant pearl structure, awarding a sophisticated emphasis to the architectural design.

Architecture Colors

Aluminium and metal looks of the premium colours Titanium Plus accentuate the modern character of both private homes and commercial buildings.

Classic Colors

Our best-selling colour decors can be universally used for private and commercial building architecture, and match new buildings and renovation projects.

Timeless Colors

Delicate wood grain finishes in combination with timeless colour nuances award the façade a special flair.

Traditional Colors

Warm wood decors for a natural look in fine and distinctive wood grains which blend perfectly into both traditional and modern building styles.

Colour Configurator

You can use our Colour Configurator to redesign your façade with just a few clicks. Simply upload a photo of your building and give it a try!



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