18 - 21 March: Deceuninck on Fensterbau Frontale 2020 in Nuremberg / Germany

The FENSTERBAU FRONTALE is the world-leading trade show for windows, doors and facades. Deceuninck will then present products for all European markets as a single group of companies. The Nuremberg exhibition will serve as the venue for a real world première as well: the presentation of the iCOR platform that also serves as the basis for the new Elegant profile system. As part of this launch, many product enhancements will be presented, including the glass-fibre technology ThermoFibra in combination with the special frame reinforcement Forthex, and the new Dutch system. Additions to the Elegant system, including a front door system and new sash designs, will be showcased as well.
iCOR is the world’s first system platform that enables a broad range of profile designs and techniques to be combined. No matter whether you are talking about elegant or minimalistic design, flush or offset windows, glass-fibre reinforced or foam insulated, for a new building or a renovation project: Thanks to the iCOR core a number of different frame series can be combined with any sash series. As a result, iCOR provides Deceuninck customers with unmatched interchangeability for the widest range of profile combinations while significantly reducing complexity of warehouse and production operations.
It forms the basis for the Elegant profile system and other initial enhancements: a new Dutch system that has a profile depth of 115 mm, a new front door system for Elegant and completely new sash designs that Deceuninck will present at Fensterbau Frontale.
iCOR also now makes it possible to use Deceuninck’s ThermoFibra glass-fibre technology in the German, Austrian and Swiss market. ThermoFibra is an advance that strengthens the window sash by using embedded continuous glass fibre strands that provide the window with tremendous stability and the highest thermal insulation values. ThermoFibra eliminates the need for steel reinforcement. As a result, maximum window sizes that weigh significantly less than windows of the past can be created – a benefit that facilitates much more than handling during installation. In particular, minimalist designs like the award-winning Elegant profile will benefit – because the rebate can be reduced once again, from 9 mm to 7 mm. The material can be completely recycled. The glass fibres can be totally separated from PVC in our own recycling facility in Diksmuide. In addition, only marginal adjustments have to be made to equipment used to produce this technology, depending on the machinery in use.
“We are looking forward to working with our international colleagues and presenting group-wide solutions that we will now also be able to show to our customers in the Germany, Austria and Swiss region,” said Jörn Schütte, the head of sales. “Thanks to iCOR, it will be possible to use glass-fibre-reinforced profiles in Germany. We consider ThermoFibra in the sash, combined with Forthex in the frame, to be the perfect solution in the market for windows without steel reinforcement, offering improved thermal insulation and unique stability. I am convinced that this concept will be very popular with our customers.”
In addition, the enhanced PROtex 2.0 and Storbox 2.0 roller shutter systems and the Deceuninck lift and sliding door including the quick installation kit will be presented at the trade fair this year. We will also provide a first look at the new aluminium systems of the Deceuninck Group, products that will initially be sold only in markets outside Germany.
Deceuninck will once again be located in Hall 6 and have two booths, 101 and 103, that have more than 700 qm. The roomy and bright exhibition booths and a two-storey hospitality area will lure visitors, creating the ideal venue for them to discuss our innovations at the trade fair.