Broof (t1) certification for Twinson roof terraces

Terraces from Deceuninck are the only WPC systems to be certified as hard roofing

After passing the test, products in the Terrace, Terrace Massive Pro and Terrace Massive ranges are approved for hard roofing and are resistant to external fire exposure and radiant heat. The design selection includes brushed surfaces and PVC coated planks.


Building regulations classify hard roofs as roofs that are resistant to external fire exposure and radiant heat – all others are described as soft roofs.
All three Deceuninck terrace systems – Terrace, Terrace Massive, Terrace Massive Pro – are certified as hard roofing with the aluminium substructure “Medium” and “Large”. Materials that fulfil the requirements of a hard roof without testing include tiles, sheet metal, gravel and some bitumen roofing membranes. All other building materials and components are tested with regard to their fire behaviour before they can be certified as hard roofing. DIN EN 13501-5, which specifies a precise testing method, is the relevant EU standard.
With this method, wood wool is ignited in a wire basket which is placed on a sloping test roof. The testers assess the roof while the wood wool is burning and after the fire has gone out to see whether the various criteria are fulfilled, such as limited destruction of the surface, no burning through the surface, no falling smouldering or burning parts. This assessment is required before the building material can be approved or certified according to Broof(t1).


Consequently, our terrace systems are ideal for roof terraces, as according to state building regulations in Germany, they must be certified as a hard roof. They are also very resilient, weatherproof and extremely easy to care for.