Deceuninck Europe| News Digest July/August | DECEUNINCKEUROPE-683

In this news digest, you’ll discover how French start-up Maison Tournesol salvages construction waste to create stylish, bespoke furniture. We also take a closer look at visionary designer Tim Fu's AI-powered architectural models and a garage-turned-minimalist-retreat in London's Primrose Hill.  

How a French start-up turns construction waste into beautiful furniture 

Furniture, often treated as disposable, is undergoing a remarkable transformation thanks to a French start-up determined to shift the paradigm. Meet 'Maison Tournesol,' a design collective founded by four young French architects in 2019, with a mission to salvage construction waste and create stylish, bespoke furniture. Their sustainable approach aligns with the principles of a circular economy, where materials are endlessly reused and recycled, resulting in minimal waste and resource preservation.  

The company has already saved two tons of waste and six tons of CO2 emissions, aligning with the principles of sustainability. Read the full story here


AI-powered architecture: transforming crumpled paper into architect buildings 

Visionary designer Tim Fu has unlocked the power of artificial intelligence to redefine architecture. Using the groundbreaking LookX platform, Fu breathes life into crumpled paper, transforming it into awe-inspiring building models inspired by renowned architects. The designer’s ingenuity showcases how the AI interprets whimsicality and intention, harmoniously blending the two in design.  

LookX’s sheer limitless potential has already earned it the moniker ‘the Midjourney killer for the architecture industry’, promising an exciting and evolved future for architectural innovation. Read this article and find out why. 


Old garage transformed into a minimalist London family home  

In the heart of Primrose Hill's charming cobbled mews in London, Trewhela Williams has crafted a minimalist retreat called Elizabeth Mews. This architectural gem is the result of a garage conversion and ground floor refurbishment, catering to the needs of a young family seeking a comfortable and essential living space. Inspired by artist Donald Judd's plywood sculptures, the home features delicate oak fins that gracefully unfold like the pages of a book, allowing natural light to flood the interiors.  

Read on and discover how this thoughtful transformation breathes new life into a historical neighborhood.