The company Atrio Sander based in Brakel, Germany, has always stood for innovative, energy-efficient products with high design standards. Atrio Sander was one of the first Deceuninck customers in Germany to use the Elegant system. 

"Energy efficiency, durability and always keeping an eye on the latest developments define our successful course”, says Markus Berg, Managing Director of Atrio Sander. It’s no wonder that the partnership with Deceuninck has also been growing over the last decade. Atrio Sander was one of the first companies to include Elegant Infinity in its range. "Elegant has been very convincing right from the start, thanks to its slim design", Berg explains. Today, Atrio Sander also produces the flush-mounted version of Elegant Abstract, Elegant ThermoFibra Infinity with glass-fibre technology and Elegant Grando 84. Offering various designs from modern to classic, it’s safe to say the company is ideally equipped to meet any market requirements.

ThermoFibra: a unique selling point

Elegant ThermoFibra Infinity, the window without steel, offers Atrio Sander an unique selling point as it reinforces window sashes with embedded, endless glass fibre strands. Windows and front doors are stabilised to the maximum and provide the best possible thermal insulation. ThermoFibra stands for a lower weight, slim design, excellent stability and 100 % recyclability. With the recycled material in the core, the profiles are especially highly sustainable.
The ThermoFibra front door with an aluminium look and up to 40 % less weight is unique on the market.

Trend-setting development

Around 30 employees work at Atrio Sander's facility in Brakel in the district of Höxter. They all place the highest value on the best service, a high level of competence and reliability. With the Elegant system, the customer has the option of combining Woodec decors on the inside with Black ultimatt on the outside, so that the look of a luxurious wood/aluminium window can be created at a very reasonable price. The company's motto is ‘innovation with full focus on the future’.

Technology leader with perfect corner finishing

Atrio Sander believes in setting no limits to innovation. A new type of perfect corner processing illustrates this approach: with a new welding machine, which Atrio Sander helped to develop, the foils are brought together in such a way that subsequent cleaning and repainting are no longer necessary. There is no unsightly shine or lack of corner strength or open corners – as is the case with some competitors. This perfect corner finishing is a quantum leap in welding technology and a real quality feature. For Christoph Ritter, production manager at Atrio Sander, one thing is clear: "Our strategy is to offer innovation in the interest of our customers. With Deceuninck at our side, innovation is assured."

About Atrio Sander GmbH
Manufacturer of PVC windows and doors as well as insect screens
Founded in 2012 
Managing Director: Markus Berg
Approx. 30 employees
Deceuninck customer since 2013