Superior technology with a pioneering design

The Elegant profile system has outstanding performance characteristics. A first-rate thermal insulation value Uf of 0.93 w/m2k and a low profile depth of just 76 mm guarantee maximum flexibility in new buildings and renovations. The environmentally-friendly recycled material EcoPowerCore is used in the manufacturing process. As a result, Elegant also sets new benchmarks in the area of sustainability.

With its narrow, slimline appearance, combined with a cubic, angular glazing bead system, Elegant is a completely new generation of designer window. From a visual aspect, Elegant and aluminium windows virtually look the same – both give houses a stylish, elegant, modern look. For this reason, the system is a practical, ecological alternative to aluminium windows. Get in touch with a specialist firm near you.

Technical Specifications

  • 76 mm system, 6 chambers
  • Frame insulation value: Uf value of 0.93 W/m²K 
  • Insulation value for the entire window Uw up to 0.63 W/m²K
  • Passive house standard can be achieved effectively with normal triple glazing
  • Glazing up to 70 mm for very thick thermal insulation glazing or soundproof glazing
  • 2 different sash designs
  • Burglary protection to class RC2
  • Single-foot glazing beads for single glazing 
  • Maximum element sizes with special adhesive technology 
  • Soundproofing to noise protection class 5
  • 40 different foil colours
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Prize-winning design

The Elegant profile system offers a unique design for PVC windows. The narrow, distinctive lines of the sash and frame and the extremely narrow rebates create a ground-breaking look. Deceuninck received the German Design Award and the Red Dot Award for this trailblazing innovation.
Prize-winning design

Height means light

Large windows create a bright, friendly ambience at home. With room-high elements you can enhance the sense of well-being in your home and, as a result, also improve your quality of life. With Elegant, the special adhesive technology enables construction of especially large, stable windows. You’ll notice the difference – and enjoy it every single day. And that’s a promise.
Height means light

Going easy on resources and protecting the environment

PVC windows save energy and resources. Our EcoPowerCore is used to manufacture the profiles. The material consists of 100% recycled PVC. It is processed in  our new high-tech recycling plant in Diksmuide, Belgium. Each kilogram of recycled PVC saves up to 2 kg CO2 emissions. But the best thing is that the material can be recycled almost infinitely.
Going easy on resources and protecting the environment


  • 40 foil colours to suit every need 
  • Special trend colours for futuristic windows
  • Large selection of modern design foils in shades of grey
  • Anthracite-coloured base bodies to guarantee a 100% aluminium look

Deceuninck colour system /

Individual colours to suit all tastes

Coloured windows create a design effect and have a considerable influence on the visual appearance of the façade. 
With a wide choice of decors, Deceuninck offers almost unlimited design possibilities. This enables new buildings and renovation projects alike to be designed completely individually, breathing new life into the façade.

Our window colours are arranged in groups according to architectural styles to facilitate a colour selection for your specific needs.

Trend Colors

Subdued and stylish grey tones feature an elegant pearl structure, awarding a sophisticated emphasis to the architectural design.

Architecture Colors

Aluminium and metal looks of the premium colours Titanium Plus accentuate the modern character of both private homes and commercial buildings.

Classic Colors

Our best-selling colour decors can be universally used for private and commercial building architecture, and match new buildings and renovation projects.

Timeless Colors

Delicate wood grain finishes in combination with timeless colour nuances award the façade a special flair.

Traditional Colors

Warm wood decors for a natural look in fine and distinctive wood grains which blend perfectly into both traditional and modern building styles.

Colour Configurator

You can use our Colour Configurator to redesign your façade with just a few clicks. Simply upload a photo of your building and give it a try!



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