Recycling of plastic and PVC window profiles

The recycling of PVC window systems is carried out in three major steps:

1. Old windows and old PVC collection
Old windows and off-cuts are collected by manufacturers and service providers in cooperation with the Rewindo Fenster-Recycling-Service GmbH, a service provider for window recycling, and processed to plastic granules in treatment plants. Delivery of the products can be in untreated condition, that means including glass, fittings, seals and wall residue.

2. Recycling technique
Old windows and off-cuts are cut up in a shredder. Using a sorting machine foreign material is separated from the PVC. The coarse regrind (approx. 20 mm in diameter) is then processed to granules in an edge mill where it is passed through different separating and treatment processes that enhance the quality of the PVC recyclate.

3. The material can be recycled seven times!
PVC from old windows can be recycled at least seven times without having any impact on the quality or weather resistance characteristics. For making PVC window profiles the PVC recyclate can be reused in two ways. On the one hand, it is possible to add a certain amount (approx. 30 %) of the recyclate to the standard extrusion process. On the other hand, profiles can be made from 100 % recyclate. In the latter process, the visible surfaces are often covered with a thin layer of new PVC material using modern state-of-the-art co-extrusion methods. This is because of the visual appearance. The remaining profile is 100 % PVC recyclate.

Deceuninck window profiles use EcoPowerCore, a high-performance PVC, which is prepared using the latest technology and inserted in the core of our window profiles.

You will receive detailed information about the recycling of PVC windows at our Deceuninck partners near to you.

The recycling of PVC profiles

As a founding member of the initiative Rewindo Fenster-Recycling-Service GmbH Deceuninck is proactively engaged in promoting PVC window recycling and wants to increase the share of recycled PVC elements in the construction sector and promote a responsible and sustainable use of PVC. In addition to this, the company only manufactures profiles with lead-free stabilisers, on a voluntary basis.