Sliding windows /

the elegant way to connect the inside and the outside

Sliding windows excellently extend the inside to the outside and also provide wide and spacious window areas. Nature and gardens become part of everyday living, even in bad weather and in the winter months. In good weather you can conveniently slide the windows open with the greatest of ease. Even floor-to-ceiling elements seem to just float to the side, thanks to the Deceuninck sliding technology.

Your benefits from Deceuninck sliding windows at a glance

  • Possibility of floor-to-ceiling window elements
  • Maximum watertightness and safety 
  • Very good thermal insulation values 
  • 3 optional ways to open the windows 
  • A range of over 40 colours to choose from for individually designing the inside and the outside

Sliding window opening techniques

Deceuninck sliding window solutions are available with different opening techniques. Each sliding system offers specific advantages to meet individual demands and needs. There are three different Deceuninck sliding window systems to choose from.

Sliding windows with lift and sliding door technology

Sliding windows with the lift and sliding door technology can open up large areas whereas you still benefit from the convenience of a flat threshold. Up to four sash elements can be moved with effortless operation within the window plane to create a threshold-free look and enable a magnificent panoramic view. Very good thermal insulation values enhance energy efficiency, and motor-operated remote control versions make the handling of the sliding windows even easier. You will find further details on our Product Page Lift and sliding doors.

Sliding windows that open using the lift and sliding door version

Lift and sliding door version

Sliding windows with tilt/slide system

Sliding windows with tilt/slide systems are optionally available with two to four elements. This sliding window system is perfect for smaller installations and conversions using Deceuninck standard profiles. It stands out with excellent watertightness, outstanding thermal and acoustic insulation values as well as easy operation. Enhanced burglary protection can be implemented with this system at any time through additional measures. Each version allows individual tilting of the sashes that slide in the plane of the window. Tilt/slide systems can be implemented with our systems EfortePrestige, Arcade and NL 71 Holland.

Sliding windows with tilt/slide system

Sliding windows with tilt/slide system

Sliding windows with folding-sliding systems

Using this sliding system the sliding window front can be opened completely without fixed sashes or jambs blocking the view or access to the outside. For this purpose the individual door elements are folded like a concertina and pushed to the side. Special striker plates make it possible to open individual sashes and to fasten the folding-sliding door in any partially open position. Folding-sliding systems can be implemented with our systems PrestigeArcade, NL 71 Holland.
Sliding windows add value to your property, especially during renovation projects. And with our online window and colour configurator you can easily check out which sliding window is best suited to your home. Simply upload a photo, define the size and colour and you will see how the new window fits into your façade or living area.

Sliding window as folding-sliding door


Sliding window as folding-sliding door