Sustainability of terrace planks

Terrace planks made of Twinson are manufactured using WPC. Wood Polymer Composite primarily consists of three components: timber, PVC and additives. The latter optimise the material properties and are added on an individual basis. One of the major advantages of the composite WPC is that it is durable without compromising on quality. This enables WPC products to be used for many years and then be 100% recycled at the end of their useful life. The lead-free and tin/cadmium-free Twinson material, the timber component of which is comprised of 100 percent fir wood, has been awarded PEFC certification for its special sustainability.


Twinson terrace planks – the sustainable alternative to the tropical timber terrace

The Twinson wood-plastic composite is a high-quality alternative to ordinary WPC, which makes it very environmentally friendly and resource-saving. This makes the planks Character Massive and Majestic Massive Pro a genuine alternative to tropical hardwoods. 100% of the wood for Twinson comes from fir trees from sustainable forest management with PEFC certification. Using PEFC-certified fir instead of the endangered tropical timbers helps to protect the rain forests that are home to so many species. Fir is also a much more quickly renewable resource than tropical timber.


Twinson terrace systems with PEFC certification

PEFC is an international organisation that promotes sustainable and responsible forest management. "Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes" is the largest certification system in the world. The seal of this organisation guarantees that more new trees are always being planted than have been taken from the forest and that the variety of species is being maintained. This eliminates the possibility of entire forests being cleared. It also indicates that pesticides and genetically modified organisms are not used. The PEFC certificate also guarantees the inclusion of regional forestry enterprises, as well as transparency in production and of origin for the buyer.

Twinson terrace systems are PEFC-certified (source: PEFC Germany)