Window replacement /

window refurbishment: save money with new windows

Renovating windows offers clear benefits. The most important of these are:

  • Cost savings in energy consumption
  • Enhanced living comfort
  • An increase in the value of your property 
  • and a fast amortisation based on favourable investment loans and heating cost savings.

Stunning views – window refurbishment quick and easy

Replacing windows is not as difficult or complicated as most people think. With a professional window company, windows can be renovated in no time at all. The main thing: removal and installation is a clean job. This is often underestimated. Our photo gallery shows the most important steps of window refurbishment.
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A great outlook – simple and fast window replacement for enhanced living comfort.

Window replacement /

fast, cost-effective, efficient

For renovation purposes a window replacement is the most favourable solution cost-wise and technically. It is frequently underestimated how easy and straightforward a window replacement can be. New windows are quick to install. Besides reducing your heating costs for years to come, you are also protecting the environment. PVC windows are particularly efficient in this respect and rank at the top of the league in eco-balances. (Find out more on this topic on our InfoPage Plastic materials and sustainability).

A replacement of old windows installed 15-20 years ago will enable you to reduce the amount of heat loss by over 40 %. Additional refurbishment of the façade and roof can accomplish even greater energy saving potential.

The following chart shows the average heat loss of older buildings according to floor space and façade area:


Greater comfort - fewer costs

A window replacement in a detached family house pays off after about 8 years and offers enhanced comfort and a feeling of wellbeing.

The example shown here is based on a calculation of average values for a detached family home with a window area of around 40 sqm (status: October 2010). The calculation was based on a heating fuel price of 0.70 Euro per litre. The values have been determined using a standardised calculation method (errors and omissions excepted). If fuel prices rise your investment will pay off even sooner. 

Deceuninck window systems are excellently suited for refurbishments and offer a whole series of advantages:

  • Clear-cut energy and cost savings
  • Our windows with high thermal insulation values meet the requirements for the Energy Saving Regulation EnEV 2014.
  • Modern, elegant design
  • Features that can be tailored to meet your individual style and needs. You can choose from wood decors, a wide range of uni colours, up to an aluminium look and aluminium cladding.

The financial savings when replacing your windows can be calculated with our energy saving calculator.

Grants are available from the KfW Bank for many renovation projects. Read more about this here.

Use our product overview and find the right window system for your project. We offer individual design options and sophisticated solutions. Our window specialists will be pleased to assist you at any time and advise you on ways to fit your property with new windows.

You can download more information on window refurbishment here, as a PDF file. Or you can ask our Deceuninck partners for professional advice.