How to install WPC terrace planks - our guide for you.

Installing WPC terrace planks is a relatively simple job for practised DIYers. Good planning and care when creating a WPC terrace will give you a result with which you can enjoy balmy summer evenings and sunny spring mornings for many years to come. Below, you will discover how to plan and install a WPC terrace.


Before you start – preparation, tools, subsurface

Preparations begin with a scale drawing of your terrace. This will also allow you to calculate your material requirements. The drawing specifies how the substructure and planks will be positioned. The load-bearing elements for the substructure should be installed at the distances specified in the installation instructions (at least between 30 and 50cm) and at an incline of 2%. With regard to the position of the terrace planks, consider exposure to sun and rain and material expansion. The terrace configurator simplifies the planning process. The subsurface should be solid with no water accumulation. When everything is prepared, you’re almost ready to go. Have your tools at hand:
  • Spirit level and line
  • Spade
  • Rake
  • Cordless screwdriver
  • Plate compactor
  • Wooden lath, 1 metre long
  • Rubber mallet

Laying WPC terrace planks: Instructions in 11 steps

In the following instructions, we assume a WPC terrace with aluminium substructure on a level grass surface.

Step 1: Mark out the terrace with a spirit level and line. In this step, allow for a 2% incline away from the house. The line indicates the top of the WPC planks.

Step 2: Remove the earth as deep as you need to for the planned subsurface layers. Measure down from the line to transfer the planned incline. Also plan edging. To do this, remove earth 50 centimetres wider on all sides and insert the edging.

Step 3: Rake the surface even, remove stones, wood and plants and compact the subsurface. Use a plate compactor and go over the area at least twice across and lengthways.

Step 4: Now it's time for the gravel. Spread it evenly over the complete surface in 5 to 10 centimetre layers. Compact each layer individually. The final layer of gravel should finish about 15 centimetres below the line.

Step 5: Spread fine gravel as a compensating layer. This layer should be about 4 centimetres thick. In other words, measure 11 centimetres down from the line. This layer is not compacted but simply spread evenly with the wooden lath.

Step 6: Lay weed control mat over the entire area. Overlap the individual lengths by 10 centimetres.

Step 7: To create a solid surface for the substructure, lay concrete slabs with a 40 centimetre gap between them – measured from the centre of the slabs. However, pay attention to the instructions from the manufacturer of your WPC planks. Lightly tap the slabs with a rubber mallet. Pay attention to the drainage at the house wall if the terrace is to finish directly at the door threshold.

Step 8: Now it’s time to install the substructure. Drill holes for the fixing material in the middle of the rails. Lay the profiles at the planned positions. Leave an expansion gap of 3 centimetres between the rails. Mark the position of the profiles and drill fixing holes.

Step 9: Place anchors in the holes, position the supporting pads and screw on the profiles.

Step 10: Lay the first plank flush with the construction beam and fix it in place with an end clip. Drill all fixing holes and screw the planks tightly. Place a normal clip on the other side of the plank.

Step 11: Now lay all the planks. Slide the second plank into the clip of the first plank and screw it tightly as described above. Place another clip on the other side of the plank. Lay all the planks in this manner and fix the last one in place with an end clip.

Laying WPC terrace planks: Instructions in 11 steps

Installing WPC terrace planks made easy: Twinson Click

Tip: If you want to make it easy for yourself to lay the WPC terrace planks, use the “Twinson Click” system. This overall concept of substructure and planks requires no screws and can be used for any shape of terrace.

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