Front doors made of PVC / Elegance and security for your home

The front door of a building makes an immediate impression on visitors. This is where Deceuninck door systems allow you to emphasise design and style. Different designs and colours open up unlimited possibilities for you to create your own individual entrance.
Steel-reinforced profile corners increase the stability and sturdiness of the very stable frame structure.

Elegant front door system

The front door matching the Elegant design window system offers excellent thermal insulation (Ud value of up to = 0.61 W/m²K) and a particularly sleek, modern design. The system is equipped with all current security measures and can be combined with the widest range of panels with a depth of up to 67 mm.

Front door Eforte

The premium front door with a mounting depth of 84 mm impresses with its extremely stable construction, optimum thermal insulation values up to Ud 0.8 W/m²K and refined design. It is optionally available with a modern sash-covering panel.

Front door Prestige

The Prestige front door system creates the optimum balance. It offers above-average thermal insulation up to Ud = 0.9 W/m²K, extraordinarily high durability and a very stable frame structure.

Front door Arcade

The beautifully streamlined Arcade front door has proved successful over many years, offers contemporary comfort and security, and with its 20° slants and numerous decor and colour variants blends harmoniously into many different architectural styles.

Front doors made of PVC / Elegance and security for your home

The front door is more than just an element of design, it also has to fulfil special requirements. It must function absolutely reliably, provide protection against adverse weather conditions and offer a high level of security. Major requirements include good stability, optimised thermal insulation, good soundproofing and protection against burglary, a long service life as well as an appealing design.

High quality PVC front doors from Deceuninck boast excellent thermal insulation values as well as exceptionally high strength. The entrance doors are designed for approximately 100,000 opening and closing cycles and are thus quality tested for around 20 years of use. The distortion-free and very stable frame design can be further enhanced using steel-reinforced corner braces. The front doors can also be fitted with multi point locks and special fittings to attain a very high intrusion protection level in compliance with DIN-ENV 1627.

Deceuninck front doors and side entrance doors made of PVC are available in different styles, versions and colours. They can be fitted with all commercially available PVC, glass and aluminium panels and elegantly accentuate the architectural style of new buildings. They can also be easily integrated in the façade of old buildings using different installation and mounting methods.

A universally compatible aluminium threshold of just 19 mm reduces the risk of tripping and is suitable for barrier-free living thanks to this flat design. Good thermal insulation is made possible through thermal separation (integrated plastic bars).

To match our window profile systems we also offer the front door system EfortePrestige and Arcade.

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You might also be interested in the window system Prestige. 

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