Why manufacturer EMAC Belgium resolutely opts for Elegant

For over a decade, brothers Luc and Micael Mohymont have been at the head of EMAC Belgium, a leading windows and doors manufacturer based in Jumet. Last year at a trade show they were introduced to Deceuninck’s Elegant range and they immediately recognised the tremendous potential these innovative profiles hold for their business. “Working with Deceuninck was the obvious choice.”

EMAC Belgium was founded over thirty years ago and the two brothers have made sustainable entrepreneurship an absolute priority – something of which the duo is rightfully proud. EMAC recycles 100% of its synthetic waste by sending it to Deceuninck. Its business premises is heated with wood residue and 800 solar panels cover 20% of its electricity demand. The results of these and additional efforts in terms of recycling are clearly visible because EMAC has gone from eight rented dumpsters per month to just two. “EMAC Belgium gives high priority to sustainability”, Micael explains. “It’s in our corporate DNA”.

Shared vision

“Deceuninck’s approach appealed to us”, Micael continues. “What mattered to them was the long-term vision we could project and the projects we could develop together. Not just geographical proximity but also shared values are a common denominator. Working with Deceuninck was the obvious choice. We aim to remain pioneers in terms of innovation so the Elegant series immediately caught our eye. The technical and aesthetic characteristics of the Abstract and Infinity profiles make the difference. That is why we didn’t hesitate to integrate them into our range".
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