Screening systems for windows

Windows let in daylight, they make rooms appear larger and create a friendlier atmosphere. Nevertheless, we all want to be able to screen our windows to stop people looking in. There are several ways of doing this. Most of us have curtains that coordinate with our interior decoration. And there are only a few people who do not wish to darken their windows in the evenings or during the hot summer months using roller shutters, curtains or room-darkening roller blinds. You should consider all these options when purchasing your windows.

Privacy screening systems with modern roller shutters

Externally mounted screening systems

A common way of protecting your privacy in terms of your windows is to use roller shutters or window shutters. Roller shutters are usually mounted on the outside, above the window frame. We offer our customers two versions of roller shutter boxes: the wall-mounted version and the version involving concealed built-in installation.

Wall-mounted roller shutter boxes

Installing roller shutter boxes provides privacy, enhances security and also enables you to darken your rooms. The shutter box is connected to the window frame and is directly installed in the facade as one "unit". Roller shutters can simply be rolled down on guide rails. One major advantage of these wall-mounted roller shutters is that they are not only appropriate for installation in new-build projects, but in older buildings too. Roller shutters are installed by fixing a bracket to the facade. The roller shutter box is then mounted onto this bracket. The roller shutter is suitable for all common window sizes and comes in a wide range of colours to provide discreet and attractive privacy screening.

Learn more about our roller shutter box system here.

Concealed roller shutter boxes – the built-in version

This roller shutter system also has a roller shutter box mounted above the relevant window. The difference compared to common windows with roller shutters is that this shutter box has a concealed mounting. The shutter box is built into the facade which is then plastered over. This model is particularly suitable for new-build projects. The concealed shutter boxes can, however, also be easily installed in facade refurbishment projects.

Learn more about our concealed roller shutter boxes here.

Roller shutter boxes in a wall-mounted or concealed version

The advantages of external privacy screening options

Roller shutters offer a wealth of advantages. They can be used to darken rooms, guarantee privacy and make the window more secure. During the summer months in particular, window shutters or roller shutters help keep the room cool and the indoor temperature constant. In winter months roller shutters significantly reduce heating costs, because the window facade cools down less due to the additional insulation which forms an additional barrier. By using roller shutter systems with timers, remote controls or even a combination with sensors you can control window roller shutters automatically. Sensor-operated systems are aligned to the current position of the sun, and during the summer months they are rolled down automatically when exposed to direct sunlight. Using this system, you can be sure your rooms will not heat up. Moreover, state-of-the-art roller shutter systems – such as our PROtex System – can be easily combined with various versions of fly screens.

Being able to make your rooms darker has a major impact on a healthy sleeping environment. Most people are unable to enter the deep sleep stage if there is direct sunlight or light from a bright street lamp streaming in. Permanent exposure to light automatically leads to a less relaxing sleep and this has a negative impact on our health and on our general performance. Room-darkening roller blinds can effectively avoid these negative conditions.

Another factor in favour of installing roller shutters, and one that should not be underestimated, is enhanced security. Rolled down roller shutters prevent direct access to the window and this serves as a deterrent to burglars due to the extra time it takes to break in.

Reduced impact of weather conditions

Energy consultants recommend the use of window shutters or roller shutters. Modern roller shutter systems have an integrated insulation that prevents window facades from cooling down. Also the concealed systems on the market today avoid localised cooling down and prevent mould formation caused by condensation.

Interior window screening systems

For those who decide against installing a roller shutter system or wish to further darken rooms or provide more privacy in addition to a roller shutter installation, there is a range of excellent options to choose from. These options can usually be ideally coordinated with your interior decoration. The most common privacy screening for windows is curtains, drapes, Roman blinds and also adhesive foils that are attached directly to the window.

Installing window privacy screens

Curtains may be attached to curtain rails above the window or else mounted directly on the window frame. For heavy drapes or sliding curtains, the most suitable attachment method uses curtain rails above the window opening. Wall plugs are used to fix the rails. If there is enough space and you want to avoid any drilling, you can use curtain rails with clamping profiles. Net curtains, on the other hand, are mounted using simple curtain rods and adhesive fixtures. This method may be problematic, because adhesive bonds weaken in direct sunlight or if there are fluctuating temperatures.

Both versions are suitable just for privacy screening. If the room is to be darkened significantly, you will also require a room-darkening roller blind. These are available in several versions and can either be screwed or even pinned into the window frame or fixed using Velcro tape.