Acoustical windows

Noise pollution can substantially impair living comfort and is frequently the cause of stress and irritability. Acoustical windows provide a fast remedy and provide an

  • effective,
  • low-cost and
  • simply designed

solution for reducing noise pollution.

Why are good quality acoustical windows important?

For new buildings and conversion projects it is most important not to neglect good soundproofing of windows that appropriately suits the respective situation. The human ear is one of our most sensitive sensory organs. It has a pitch perception ranging from 16 to 16,000 Hz. Even when we sleep the human sense of hearing remains highly active and sensitive. According to scientific findings the maximum noise level exposure for a sound sleep is 25 dB. In modern times this level can, however, hardly be achieved without appropriate soundproofing, and a large percentage of the population find common sources of noise from the outside increasingly unpleasant and bothersome. The negative effects of environmental noise exposure are a frequent topic of public discussion.

The following gives you a short overview of noise levels that occur in different living conditions and construction situations.

Living area
Office noise / restaurant
Noise from roads
Village or mixed area
Very busy road                                                           
Construction sites (e.g. pneumatic drill, vibrator)
Jet engine

40 dB(A)
60 dB(A)
80 dB(A)
60 dB(A)
70 dB(A)
70 dB(A)
100 db(A)
120 dB(A)

Recommended sound level in living areas

Bedroom          20 – 25 dB(A)
Living area       30 – 35 dB(A)
Working area    35 – 50 dB(A)

When comparing both tables it becomes quite evident that good acoustical protection is absolutely essential today. With acoustical windows from Inoutic you can provide effective protection against noise pollution.

Deceuninck window systems satisfy the following noise protection classes.

System Eforte     up to 47 dB (noise protection class 5)             Technical Specifications
System Prestige            up to 47 dB (noise protection class 5)  Technical Specifications
System Arcade up to 42 dB (noise protection class 4) Technical Specifications
System NL 71 up to 42 dB (noise protection class 4)  Technical Specifications

In our product overview Windows and Terrace Doors you will find the right system with an attractive design to suit every situation and meet your individual demands.