Load-bearing floor plank system Terrace+ with technical approval /

Harmonious appearance that bears loads

A sturdy floor profile with an attractive design – and, what's more, it’s also load-bearing! With general technical approval as a supporting floor plank system, Terrace+ can be used wherever load-bearing floors are required. Balconies, walkways, staircases and roof terraces can become a reality with the new floor planks made from Twinson, the tried and tested wood and PVC composite, and using tested accessories.

The system advantages at a glance

  • Quick and easy installation on wood and, especially, steel (no welding required)
  • A slope of 0° to 2° can be incorporated
  • Visually sealed joint – small parts cannot fall through the joints
  • Drip-proof and clean with aluminium profile between the floor planks
  • Axial dimension of the maximum bearing distance: 500 mm
  • Approved for surface loads to max. 5 kN/m² / individual loads max. 2 kN
  • Approved for wind load zone 4 (highest requirement / max. velocity pressure 1.4 kN/m²)
  • Approved for snow load zone 3 to 1,500 m (highest requirement / max. snow load 13.9 kN/m²)
  • Applies to: Germany
  •  Only products with the Ü mark may be used
  • All products relevant for the approval can be obtained from Deceuninck
The system advantages at a glance

Plank design

  • Brushed surface / wood-grain look and feel
  • Corrugated design
  • Visually sealed joint
  • Dimensions: 167 mm × 32 mm
  • Plank lengths: 4.5 m / 6 m
  • Linear expansion 4 mm/m
  • Slip resistance class: R13
Plank design

Wide range of colours for individual designs

Twinson Terrace+ floor planks are available in four different attractive, natural colours. Give your creativity free rein. The colouring of the terrace planks stabilises after the natural weathering process (see larger field). Please observe our cleaning tips for (semi-)covered areas
Wide range of colours for individual designs

System overview


Suitable, tested screws for wood or steel beams for fixing the aluminium profiles are available.



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