ThermoFibra & Forthex /


In 2012, Deceuninck launched a brand-new technology. Structural fibreglass was embedded in the sashes of windows and doors during the extrusion process in order to replace the standard steel reinforcement.

Eliminating steel resulted in a huge time gain for window fabricators. In addition, the removal of steel from the sashes also put an end to thermal bridges, enabling the new technology to achieve unprecedented insulation values.

The success formula continues in the new Elegant series. The glassfibre reinforcement in the sash, called ThermoFibra referring to the thermal power characteristics of the glassfibre, performs best in combination with Forthex reinforcement in the frame. This unique combination makes the best performing steelfree window concept in the market.

ThermoFibra technology

The Elegant series repeats the undisputed success formula. The new Infinity sash is also available in a ThermoFibra version. Combined with Forthex reinforced frames, Elegant ThermoFibra is the best functioning steel-free window and door solution in the market.


Forthex reinforcement

The insulation values of the frame have furthermore been improved by opting for thermal reinforcement based on steel-wire reinforced PVC hard foam. This Forthex reinforcement is much lighter and easier to process, which benefits the physical comfort of the window manufacturer and the installer.

 ThermoFibra & Forthex

Elegant ThermoFibra profiles offer very important insulation advantages