Already thought about fire protection?

Many building projects are subject to strict fire protection regulations that are often observed too late or insufficiently. In Germany, the respective state building regulations (LBO) determine whether fire protection guidelines have to be observed when designing your terrace.

Fire protection plays a special role in designing roof terraces. Since the terrace decking in this case is also part of the building's roof, it must meet the hard roofing requirements of the state building regulations. The LBO building regulations classify hard roofing as roof coverings that are resistant to flying sparks and radiant heat. Materials that are recognised as hard roofing without being tested include tiles or sheet metal. Most other building materials must first be tested in order to obtain this kind of certification. Depending on their structural nature, some roof terraces also require access via a second escape route in order to guarantee sufficient safety in the event of a fire.


How fires can start on the terrace

How can fires even start in the first place on the terrace? There are a host of possible causes of fire on terraces, and they greatly depend on how the respective terrace is used. Candles, radiant heaters and smouldering cigarettes pose as much of a risk as electrical installations.

However, the greatest risk of a terrace fire comes from setting up a barbecue. When you barbecue on the balcony, terrace or in the garden, flying sparks, falling ash or a toppled grill can quickly become the seat of a dangerous fire – particularly if the surface on which the grill was placed is made of wood or other non-fire-resistant materials. In this case, it is recommended to always use a firebowl to protect the surface below. If you have neighbours whose buildings are immediately adjacent to yours, it can also make sense to set up a firewall in order to reduce smoke nuisance and prevent the fire from spreading if one breaks out.

The solution? Our fire protection certified Twinson terrace system (WPC)

With our Character Massive and Majestic Massive Pro terrace planks made of the Twinson wood and PVC composite, you already have a choice of two different systems that are resistant to flying sparks and radiant heat and guarantee a high level of safety. Both systems have the Broof (t1) certification and, following successful testing, have been approved as hard roofing in accordance with Section 32 of the Model Building Code [MBO] and have a general appraisal certificate.
But our high-quality material not only impresses in terms of fire protection: Twinson is one hundred per cent recyclable and especially environmentally friendly, because only wood from PEFC-certified forests is used in its manufacture. What's special about Twinson is its blend of wood and PVC, since it combines the best features of both materials. As a result, our terrace planks look good and feel good thanks to the natural beauty and warmth of wood, while at the same time being as durable as PVC and resistant to UV rays and insects.

They can be cut to size just as easily and accurately as wood planks, but at the same time are non-slip, non-splintering and naturally fire-resistant, so you'll definitely be spared any nasty surprises. Our Majestic Massive Pro terrace system is additionally covered with a polymer coating that makes the material even easier to look after, because stains can't penetrate the surface in the first place and scratches don't stand a chance. That makes the system suitable for especially heavy-duty use.

With Twinson, nothing stands in the way of barbecuing on the roof terrace

Unlike other wood-plastic composites, Twinson has many properties that make the material unique. It is extremely stable and returns to its original shape time and again even after heavy stress. Even loads of up to 1,400 kilogrammes per square metre are no problem for the material. Thanks to its PVC component, Twinson is also very flame-retardant and has the highest possible fire protection class for PVC. All in all, it therefore meets the hard roofing requirements for a roof terrace. That means you can invite people to a barbecue on your roof terrace without having to worry about safety, because sparks and ash pose no threat to your terrace surface when you have Twinson.

Maximum flexibility for your terrace

Our Character Massive and Majestic Massive Pro terrace systems are available in a choice of six or four different colours respectively. The planks will keep their colour for a very long time.
Even laying the terrace planks is especially simple thanks to the hidden clip system. Both systems are laid with the matching "Medium" and "Large" aluminium substructures and are available from an overall structural height of as little as seven centimetres. The special rotatable clip allows the planks to also be laid without being at right angles to the substructure. Since the solid planks have no cavities, they can be cut very accurately to size and also laid in playful geometrical shapes. Whether it's round cut edges, pool surrounds and flower bed borders or garden paths: our Character Massive and Majestic Massive Pro terrace system can always be custom laid.
You can find an overview of our fire protection systems here:

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