Twinson WPC facade claddings

Twinson façade claddings made from a wood-PVC composite are perfectly suited for outdoor use and combine the advantages of wood with those of high-quality PVC. The surface has a natural wood feel. The PVC components provide durability and ensure comfortable maintenance. A choice of two profile variants with different substructures is available.

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Technical specifications

  • Resistent to insects
  • Extremely weatherproof and durable
  • PEFC certified
  • 100 % recyclable
  • No painting required
  • Can be perfectly combined with thermal insulation
  • Quick and simple installation with the tongue & groove system
  • An extensive end profiles range
  • Their slenderness enables them to be used in both new and old buildings
Closed profile version
  • Double-walled profiles in 3 and 6 m lengths
  • Profile width 167mm
  • Easy installation using patented clip system
  • Complete system including accessories and rear ventilation gratings
  • Can be combined with thermal insulation systems
  • Many different end profiles for a perfect finish: anodised aluminium profiles in black, silver, brown or Twinson end profiles (liquorice black, bark brown, slate grey)
  • Integrated ventilation: With a rear-ventilated and breathing façade, the circulating air ensures that moisture and heat are removed
  • Quick and simple installation with invisible mounting using patented and specially developed fastening clips
Open version with bevelled/flat profiles
  • Profiles in 3 m lengths
  • Profile width 78 mm
  • Visible joints for a modern facade architecture
  • Substructure in black anodised aluminum
  • Rear-ventilated façade: The air circulation guarantees the efficient removal of moisture and heat
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Two different profile variants to suit any style of building

Our premium façade claddings consist of different profile variants that can be perfectly adapted to the façade architecture in line with requirements. In addition, the range includes numerous end profiles for window reveals and roof connections for the closed variant. The system even features integrated rear ventilation grids. The circulating air between the exterior wall and façade cladding transports moisture to the outside to protect the building structure and simultaneously provides a pleasant and healthy room climate.

Two different profile variants to suit any style of building

A contemporary façade cladding depends on the best materials

The top-class materials of our façade claddings meet all modern building requirements. Twinson enables façades to be clad just as easily and just as attractively as with wood. Except with the advantage that Twinson eliminates the need for painting. Repainting will not be required even after decades have passed. The weather-resistant surface is available in three attractive, natural wood tones and remains permanent.

A contemporary façade cladding depends on the best materials

Simple installation

The façade cladding system with the closed profile variants has a new type of invisible clip system. The individual façade elements can be installed quickly and easily thanks to the tongue and groove design – both horizontally and vertically. The Twinson double-wall profiles ensure high stability and allow a clearance of up to 50 centimetres with the battening of the substructure.

Colours for an individual design

Wall cladding profiles made of Twinson are available in three different natural wood colours. This allows you to design an appealing, attractive facade for any architectural style.

Wall cladding profiles made of the Twinson wood-plastic composite will change colour after they have been installed or stored outdoors. This process is accelerated by rain and ultraviolet rays. However, after this natural weathering process, the colour stabilises (as shown in the box above) and colour fastness is guaranteed. If differences in colour appear after installation, these will also even out after a short time under the influence of ultraviolet rays.

Please note: Tide marks or water spots can occur on covered or semi-covered surfaces. Go to Downloads for our cleaning instructions.
Colours for an individual design


As a patented bio-based material, Twinson saves natural resources and offers a real alternative to tropical hardwoods. The PEFC seal guarantees that the wood for Twinson originates from sustainable forestry and that the forest's biodiversity is preserved. All products are 100 percent recyclable at the end of their useful life.

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Premium facades made of Twinson

Besides being a visually and architecturally excellent solution for all types of buildings, Twinson façade claddings also provide effective protection against the influences of the weather and are extremely low-maintenance.


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