Cutting WPC: the right way

When you work with WPC, you have to take a particular approach and use special tools. We will show you what you must pay particular attention to.  

Wood-PVC composite is the perfect material for the widest range of DIY projects and has many strengths that a large range of comparable materials do not have. The decisive difference is this: While being cut, the material produces no hazardous fibres or splinters that could end up in your feet at some point in the future. This means that if you want to walk barefoot across you terrace during the summer, you will not have to worry about being jabbed by an errant splinter or two. What’s more, the material cannot be damaged by pests like termites, moisture or UV radiation. It has a long service life and is still environmentally responsible. 

Before you cut WPC planks or WPC tiles for your summer terrace or new garden shed, you will need the right tools and utensils and will have to take the correct approach.   

If you use the wrong tools to cut WPC, you could overwork your saw blades and dull them. 

How to cut WPC planks?

 Just like wood, you should work in your garage or outside in the garden or on the balcony. We recommend that you wear safety goggles when you cut WPC. This will prevent dust and pieces of the material from getting into your eyes. WPC is made of plastic. As a result, large amounts of heat can be generated when you cut WPC planks with an electric saw. For this reason, you should use a rather low saw speed when you cut WPC.

When you cut WPC – or more specifically: WPC planks – you also need to know a little more about this special material and its composition.  

For this purpose, we have gone over the most important steps once again in the following instructions for your use:

  1. Measure first, then cut the WPC planks 

Measure the material and then mark the places where you want to cut the WPC. 

  1. Use the right tool

Use a jigsaw or angular grinder to cut curves. A mitre saw should be used to cut right angles.  

  1. Check the load-bearing capacity 

If you want or have to cut the WPC planks at a different angle, you should make sure afterwards that they are positioned properly and completely on the substructure. This is the only way to ensure their load-bearing capacity. They could quickly break otherwise. 

How to cut WPC planks?

Cutting WPC tiles

When you cut WPC tiles, you basically apply the same technique that you use to cut WPC planks. But the tiles generally come up with special connectors that enable them to be laid. Make sure that these click connectors are not damaged when the WPC is cut. 

Use the right saw blade to cut WPC

When you cut WPC tiles or WPC planks, you need not only the right tool, but also the appropriate equipment.

You can cut WPC with a circular saw, angular grinder or a jigsaw. Use a hard metal saw blade if you use a jigsaw. Such blades are much tougher than the blades that are typically used to cut wood. These blades will also prevent fast wear and tear when you cut WPC. Such saw blades are not necessary if you are using an angular grinder or a circular saw.


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