WPC terrace planks – smooth or grooved?

There is a wide range of WPC terrace planks on the market. With the many different colours, material compositions and properties it can sometimes be difficult to make a choice. After choosing the colour and material, the last decision often is: should the WPC terrace planks be smooth or grooved? And, indeed, what is the difference between WPC planks with or without grooves? On top of that, WPC capped planks are also available. We’ll take a look at the differences below.

Are grooves safer? – Slip resistance and risk of injury

You see grooved planks everywhere and you could almost believe that all good terrace planks must have grooves. But that is a false conclusion. Good wooden planks in particular do have grooves, since a wet wooden terrace is slippery. The grooves ensure good step security – even when the planks are wet. If wooden planks have no grooves, you should not walk on them when it is raining. Wood loses its slip resistance and there is a very high risk of injury. WPC, on the other hand, is not slippery. The grooves may make you feel safe, but WPC planks without grooves are also slip resistant. You can safely walk on them at all times.
Are grooves safer? – Slip resistance and risk of injury

Smooth or grooved – care and cleaning

It is entirely up to you whether you choose smooth or grooved WPC planks. There is also almost no difference in the amount of care that they need. If they are just a little bit dirty, all it takes is a heavy rain shower to get rid of the dust. However, the complete terrace must be exposed to the rain, otherwise scum will form in some areas. With persistent dirt, the WPC surface can be simply wiped, brushed or cleaned with a high-pressure water blaster. The level of care is the same no matter whether the planks are smooth or grooved. It is the material that makes the difference. Dirt that causes stains should be removed from WPC planks without a PVC coating as soon as possible. Capped planks are resistant to stains as the dirt does not come into contact with the wooden part of the plank.


More information about looking after WPC planks i s available here.

All-rounder WPC – smooth or grooved is just a question of appearance

What exactly is the difference between grooved and smooth WPC planks? There is no difference with regard to slip resistance or care. So, really, when it comes down to it it’s all a matter of taste. The main difference is the look. It's a matter of your preference.

Twinson Majestic Massive Pro terrace planks and Twinson Character Massive terrace planks are both available with and without grooves.


Which of the solid planks is the best choice depends on where they will be used. The “Character Massive” planks have a brushed surface with or without grooves. They can be cut accurately and used flexibly. This makes them especially popular for curved terraces. Regardless of the surface, these WPC planks are slip resistant and resilient. They can even be used around pools where they are subject to a lot of stress. PVC-coated Majestic Massive Pro terrace planks are a good choice where they are exposed to weathering, if there is a lot of pollen or dust in the air and for around pools. Here, too, the resistance is not dependent on the surface. The PVC coating withstands a lot of stress, is especially easy to care for and is resistant to scratches. The special protective coating prevents staining. Because of this, these WPC planks are a good choice for semi-covered terraces, conservatories and balconies where scum could form in areas that are exposed to the open air.


The two examples illustrate that there is virtually no difference between the different surfaces of the terrace planks. It’s probably best if you answer the question yourself whether you prefer grooved or smooth WPC terrace planks: Which do you prefer?

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