Terrace system Character Massive /

Ideal for pool sides and curved shapes

The Character Massive system provides maximum flexibility and adaptability. At the same time, the solid boards are extremely robust and durable. Unlike other Twinson boards, the solid boards have no cavities. The advantage of this is that the boards are as easy to cut to size accurately as wood, but thanks to the innovative wood-plastic composite they are highly robust, durable and easy to maintain. Solid boards are therefore particularly suitable for curved shapes and heavily used areas by the pool.

Technical specifications

  • Solid boards with no cavities
  • Width 140 mm (effective width 144,5 mm), height 20 mm
  • Ideal also for curved shapes and pool sides
  • Quick installation thanks to the innovative, and invisible clip system
  • Fire protection certified for balconiesBroof (t1) certification (approved for hard roofing) for roof terraces
  • Low structural height (from 36 mm)
  • PEFC certified wood
  • VinylPlus product label for sustainable products
  • VHI quality lable from the Qualitätsgemeinschaft Holzwerkstoffe e.V. (Wooden-Based Materials Quality Association)
  • 100 % recycled PVC used in the core of the planks


  • Two surfaces: finely grooved / smooth with natural wooden look and feel
  • Available in six natural colors
  • Spacing between joints only 3,5 (Twinson Click) and 4,5 mm (standard subconstruction)
  • End profile not neccessary
  • Ventilation profile for improved rear ventilation of the terrace deck


  • Practicalle no linear expansion
  • Slip resistance class R 12
  • Fire resistance class Bfl s1 (=B1)
  • Resistant against external fire exposure and radiant heat Broof (t1)
  • Load-bearing capacity: 100 kg point load, 1,400 kg/m2 surface load
  • Extremely durable - Guaranteed for up to 25 years
  • No splinters or splitting
  • Resistant to insects
  • Water-repellent
  • 100 % recyclebar
  • No painting required


  • Round edges are very easy to cut
  • quick and easy installation thanks to the innovative and invisible clip system 
  • Rotatable assembly clip: boards do not have to be laid at right angles to the substructure (not approved for new installation guidelines. Clip P 9469 is required for this.)
  • Continuously adjustable feet for compensating for differences in height (35 to 215 mm)


  • Substructure fixing interval: 50 cm
  • Four aluminium substructure profiles
  • Extra-low aluminium support profile with a height of 16 mm available – ideal for renovating balconies and decks.
  • A self-supporting structure is possible, with 50x50 aluminium support profile combined with connector P 9468
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Technical specifications

Construct your terrace with curves!

Round edges can be cut very easily and precisely with Character Massive.
A special rotatable clip has been developed for laying organic shapes. The clip makes it easy to fix the planks to the substructure even if it is not at right angles. This means that there's no longer anything standing in the way of free laying of the type needed around pool sides, garden paths or flower beds. And best of all: Both sides of the massive plank can be used. One surface is finely grooved, the other side has a smooth texture. No other Inoutic product has this wood grain texture.

A specialist dealer in your area would be happy to advise you! Request a no-obligation quotation.
Construct your terrace with curves!

Screwless installation with Twinson Click

The innovative click system is used as a stable substructure for Twinson terraces. Twinson Click is a screwless, efficient, modular and durable system, which is completely recyclable. Consequently, Twinson terraces can be installed much faster and easier. And the more complicated the shape of the terrace, the more time is saved.

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Screwless installation with Twinson Click

Your terrace says thanks to nature

Twinson terraces save natural resources, they are environmentally friendly and a true alternative to tropical hardwood. Our Twinson products made by an innovative wood-PVC composite all carry the PEFC seal. This guarantees that the wood originates from sustainable forestry and that the forest's biodiversity is preserved.

In addition, for the first time, Twinson decking WPC boards have been awarded the VinylPlus certificate. The VinylPlus® product label is a labelling system that facilitates the identification of the most sustainable and best performing PVC products.

Moreover, the plastic content in Twinson decking is completely made of recycled PVC. In order to preserve the resource-saving PVC for the eco-core, old plastic windows are first roughly shredded and materials such as glass are sorted out in the recycling plant of the Deceuninck Group in Belgium. The coarse material is then cleaned, processed and regranulated. These granules are used, for the core of the decking. According to VinylPlus, 2 kg of CO2 emissions are saved per kg of recycled PVC. In addition, the short intra-European transport routes reduce CO2 emissions. We make an important contribution to environmental protection.

All products are 100 % recyclable at the end of their service life.

Your terrace says thanks to nature

Wide range of colours for individual designs

Twinson decking boards and finishing profiles are available in up to six different attractive, natural colours. Give your creativity free rein.

Wide range of colours for individual designs

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Character Massive

From linear designs to playful geometric shapes – with two different surfaces the Twinson Character Massive terrace system accommodates all wishes and requirements. At the same time, these solid 
floorboards are extremely resilient, durable and easy to clean, given that they do not have any hollow chambers unlike other floorboards and therefore, the floorboards can be cut as easily and accurately as wood. Character Massive is therefore ideal for pool borders and curved shapes. 


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