Colour design of Deceuninck windows

Windows are more than a means for letting light into buildings and providing ventilation. They accentuate, and sometimes actually create, design features of a building. Homeowners who skilfully choose the right window colours can significantly influence the character and outside appearance of their house. PVC windows made from Deceuninck profiles are available in a wide range of colours. The window frames can be laminated in a choice of foil designs to suit the customer’s needs, in a natural wood look, for instance. Windows with this kind of authentic wood grain look are particularly suitable for rustic-style or grand buildings and the house appears homely and inviting. Our customers can choose from a total of 50 different colours and décors for the Elegant system and 40 for the Arcade, Prestige and Eforte systems. It goes without saying that this colour palette is not just for customers who are building a new home. Deceuninck windows are also ideally suited to refurbishing existing and even listed buildings. With this wide range of options, we can still guarantee to meet all the requirements set out in the Energy Saving Regulation. Meeting energy conservation objectives does not exclude the use of modern window colours, rustic-style facades or the conservation of listed buildings.

Window colours give your home a personal touch 

Colour design options

To give colour to PVC windows, a laminated foil is applied to the window profile. The laminated foil is extremely durable and hard wearing and can withstand extreme weather conditions for many years. The foil can be applied to the outside, the inside or both sides, as required. To ensure lasting durability of the laminated foil we only use materials where the temperature and UV resistance has been proven in extensive tests. The laminated foil is available in the same colour for lift and sliding doors and for front doors to provide a distinctive and uniform look. Deceuninck window colours are arranged in different groups.

The window frame foil is applied to the white PVC profile

Classic Colours – Elegant wood grain finish

In this category we offer laminated foils that lend the window frames a discreet wood grain look. Nine different window colours guarantee a perfect match with the facade. The window colours Golden Oak and Walnut, for instance, give the house a particularly natural and enchanting look. The foils perfectly recreate the slightly red wood tone and feature an authentic, yet discreet wood grain structure. A more dominant colour that is ideal in combination with white facades is Mahogany. This shade has a definite, reddish tone and looks very natural. Homeowners looking for a more modern look can choose laminated foils in Grey or Anthracite.

Timeless Colours – windows with timeless colour nuancies

Homeowners who prefer timeless elegance will be pleased to discover our Timeless Colours category. These window colours come in an extensive variety of colours, ranging from a creamy white tone to strong blue or red tones. At a first glance the foils appear smooth, almost as if the frames had just been painted. A closer look reveals a slight and very natural grain structure. Foils in window colours from the Timeless Colours category are suitable both for modern, architect-designed houses and for older buildings that are to be given a timeless look.

Trend Colours – subdued, sophisticated elegance

The laminated foils from our Trend Colours category follow the latest trends in window design. These finely structured foils feature an elegant pearl formation and resemble a painted window frame. However, instead of all the intense work that is required to paint a window, the foils are again simply applied to the prepared window frames where they remain securely in place for many years. The Trend Colours are dominated by different grey tones that blend in with the respective facade in a discreet and sophisticated manner. Window frames with a colour shade from this category can be used for many different house styles, although architect-designed houses or new buildings with very modern looking facades are especially well suited to these cool and discreet grey tones.

Traditional Colours – traditional window colours in a new outfit

Beautiful and traditional is the appropriate description for the window colours in the Traditional Colours category. These laminated foils express the natural, traditional colour tone of wood grain designs. The fine to distinctive grain structure is based on the grain of natural wood. In this category, by adopting the traditional colours of different architectural styles and regions, we can offer a diversified range to suit every taste.

Architecture Colours – the ideal window colours for an archtecturally sophisticated design

Architect-designed houses stand out through their exceptional style. The Architecture Colours category features special window colours that are ideally suited to modern architectural designs. We use very high quality foils that comprise several layers and are extremely weather resistant. These laminated foils excel with their metallic touch and their glossy surface finish. The colours used for these window foils are white, grey and black. The grey window base body is designed to match the colour palette of the Architecture Colours – a unique feature with windows from Deceuninck.



Laminated foils or aluminium cladding?

Until a few decades ago, it was always necessary to paint window frames by hand in the desired colour. Painting windows was considered an unavoidable chore. This painting process was not just to improve the looks of the window, but also to ensure that the wooden window frames remained weather resistant and did not absorb moisture. With the introduction of PVC windows, the variation in windows was very limited. Initially, frames were designed in white and then gradually cream tones were introduced to give the frames a more delicate note. Even today, most PVC windows are white. There are two systems available for the colour design of Deceuninck windows. In the first system, window frames are laminated with a temperature and UV-resistant foil. In the second system, Deceuninck offers aluminium cladding that is directly mounted on the frames. Aluminium cladding combines the classic look of an aluminium window with the outstanding thermal insulation properties of a PVC window. A variety of different surface coatings can be applied in practically any colour
The inside of the windows can be kept in classic white or it can come with a foil coating and colour or wood decors. Aluminium cladding also boasts excellent stability. This solution is, however, more expensive than foil lamination.
Both options also apply to front door profiles. The specific difference compared to wooden frames is that the foils and the aluminium cladding are extremely durable and weather resistant and you do not need to paint the windows. Energy conservation standards are met at all times.

What to watch out for when choosing colours

The choice of window colours naturally depends on the style of the house. Apart from this, there are also local building regulations that have to be observed as well. The colour of the roof tiles, for example, may be specified in the housing development plan, and there may also be regulations regarding the choice of colour for windows. We suggest you contact your local authority to make sure that the selected colour is approved.
A further statutory requirement concerns buildings that are already listed and subject to conservation orders. When refurbishing older or listed buildings, frequently you are not allowed to change the appearance of the facade very much. However, our wide selection of window frame laminated foils has plenty colour variations to provide a suitable match for listed buildings.


PVC windows and environmental protection

PVC windows from Deceuninck are designed in compliance with the current environmental protection regulations. Our windows are made from high quality PVC that can be 100% recycled after use. Because Deceuninck windows guarantee optimal thermal insulation and prevent rooms from either cooling down or heating up during the summer months, they are able to contribute significantly to saving energy consumption and energy costs. Our window profiles can also be used in a simple and cost-efficient manner to manufacture passive house windows in combination with triple glazing and are available in all window colours.

How to find the right window colour

On our website you will find a window and colour configurator for selecting the most suitable window colours. In a simple and practical manner, the configurator tool allows you to create a realistic simulation of the colour of your new frames and helps you choose the right colour. In the first step, you can decide whether you wish to upload a picture of your home or prefer to select a similar style from our Deceuninck images. In the next step, you can select the desired window style. With just one click you can choose from different window frames and then select the desired colour. A printout of the window frame selected in this way can then be added to the building planning permission application documents, for instance, to facilitate approval.

With our window and colour configurator tool you can create a simulation of your house with new windows and in the corresponding color.